Association of Bishop’s University Retirees

Welcome to the Association’s website. Our primary objective is “…to promote and defend the financial interests of members, and in particular to represent their interests in all matters relating to pensions and benefits.” We are also committed to assist the University to accomplish its mission.

Membership in the Association is open to all retirees of Bishop’s University (administrators, faculty, librarians and support staff), their spouses or partners, or their beneficiaries upon payment of the required annual membership fees. The Association holds general meetings as required to inform members of its activities, as well as the occasional social event so that members can meet and discuss matters of common interest.

The Association encourages its members to also take out Associate Membership in the A.P.B.U. because it is the APBU that negotiates pensions and benefits with the University. For a fee of $1.00 per year Associate Membership in the A.P.B.U. is open to anyone who was qualified to be a member of the full-time, the part-time, the staff or the Librarian’s units of the Union while employed at Bishop’s University. Any Associate member may speak at a regular meeting of the APBU and can provide any information they wish to the APBU. However, Associate members are not eligible to propose motions or to vote at the APBU meetings.

Membership Information

The Association of Bishop’s University Retirees was formed on February 25th, 2009. The primary objective of the Association is to promote and to defend the financial interests of its members and in particular to represent their interests in all matters relating to pensions and benefits. In addition, we hope to host events at which retirees may come together socially to share common interests and ideas.

The Association is a registered corporation in the province of Quebec.

The first Annual General Meeting of the Association took place on April 30th, 2009, with approximately 35 people in attendance. At that meeting, the Association’s founding Executive Committee was formally confirmed, consisting of: Curt Rose (President), Sandra Gallup (Vice-President), Terry Skeats (Treasurer), Robert MacGregor (Secretary), Dieter Riegel and Stan Groves.

All retirees of the University, their spouses or beneficiaries, and employees within one year of retirement, are eligible to become members upon payment of a one-time only entrance fee of $1.00 per person, and an annual membership fee (at the present time, $20.00 per retiree, with a $1.00 fee for spouses who are not themselves retirees but who wish to become members).

If you would like to become a member, please send your cheque to:

The Association of Bishop’s University Retirees,
c/o The Mailroom, Bishop’s University,
2600 College Street,
Sherbrooke, QC J1M 1Z7

A.B.U.R. Constitution (PDF)
Procedures for Election to the Executive Committee (PDF)

Executive Committee 2017-2019

  • President: Curt Rose
  • Vice-President: Sandra Gallup-Palme
  • Secretary: Ken McLean
  • Treasurer: Carol Bennett

Directors of the Association 2015-2019

  • Carol Bennett
  • Robert Brown
  • Anton de Man
  • Dieter Riegel
  • Curt Rose

Contact person:

Curt Rose
(819) 346-2612