What is a grievance?

A grievance is a difference between a union and an employer that can’t be resolved informally. Grievances arise from the interpretation, application, administration or an alleged violation of a collective agreement or statute. Contact your appropriate representative if you have a concern.

private grievance is one that is processed without APBU assistance or support. Where the case proceeds as a private grievance, responsibility for presentation of the case and for administrative and financial aspects of the case resides with the grievor. The grievor may, at his or her own discretion and expense, retain legal counsel.

An Association grievance is on behalf of an individual or group, and is processed by the APBU. The member is assisted by the Unit’s  Grievance Officer or delegate. Once the grievance is assumed as an Association grievance, it becomes a grievance between the employer on the one hand, and the Association (representing the member[s]) on the other hand. Thus, it is the APBU that has the authority over and responsibility for the processing of the grievance and the conduct of the case. If an Association grievance is taken to arbitration, the costs are borne by the APBU. If you have any questions or if you have a concern, contact your Unit representative:

Contract Faculty Unit Representatives

Vice President  Candace Herring
Grievance Officer  Fannie Gaudette

Faculty & Librarians Unit Representatives

Vice President  Gordon Barker
Grievance Officer  Gregory Brophy

Staff Unit Representatives

Vice President Charlene Marion
Grievance Officer Marguerite Ramage

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